Soft Skills Training

Articulate Rise 360
Adobe Creative Suite

University Employees
Year 2020
The goal of this training, Flyer Design, and Distribution was to help faculty, and students, design flyers that capture the attention of their target audience, share their intended message, and present a call to action using appropriate university branding. Through a combination of content presentation and interactive exercises, learners engage in three learning topics focused on flyer design choice, content, and distribution. The three-topic learning module includes images, video, and audio in addition to text. Self-checks are included for the learner to verify content understanding.

Design Inspiration
This online learning module was developed for the Texas A&M University (TAMU) Department of Educational Psychology (EPSY) faculty, staff, and student organizations that create flyers for activities on the College Station Campus.  
Design Theory
I, along with three other instructional designers, created a Rise 360 course utilizing the ADDIE model of instructional design.  Our approach to developing this eLearning was to first, conduct a needs analysis to determine training needs. After meeting with the SME, we determined there was a need for student and staff training on utilizing university resources to create staff and student flyers.  Next, we identified learning objectives, training materials, assessments, and media modalities. After the design phase, we developed a Rise 360 course to accomplish the training objectives and goals. Our final step was to analyze evaluations with a group of student testing participants. We made adjustments according to these evaluations to create the final Rise 360 course.  

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