Interactive Concept Project ​
Articulate Storyline
Adobe Creative Suite

Project Managers
Year: 2022
This concept project is intended for instructional designers, project managers, or anyone that oversees a team using the design process to produce innovative solutions to business and product design problems. 

Design Inspiration
My experience in project management has taught me that teams often come up with innovative solutions during and after the development stage. This often happens because original ideas, fleshed out in real-life, reveal both problems and new solutions. My experience was solidified when I came across an article on Harvard Business Review's website, "Your Best Ideas Are Often Your Last Ideas" by Loren Nordgren. Needing a soft skills topic to create a concept project, this topic did the trick. I used Storyline to create a simple quiz, interactive content related to the article, and a summary of key takeaways. You can find the article in the Resources section of the project. 
Design Theory
I utilized both the SAM Model of instructional design and the holistic model of Experiential Learning Theory synthesized by David Kolb. With the knowledge from the article in hand, I used the SAM model to meet the immediate ideas of the usable knowledge from the article by Nordgren to develop the knowledge base of the training. Keeping in line with the Experiential Learning Theory, the course begins with a fun/casual "creativity test" that gives the learner an idea about their own natural ability to utilize creative thinking. This allows the user to begin to think of the end-goal of improving organizational creativity, while the next steps of the module introduce them to new ideas about creative thinking as an ongoing learning process. It encourages users to challenge old ideas with new research-based theories and use those ideas to create organizational change. 
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